‘Chizawa Bay’ available for Pre-Order

I’m very happy to announce that Chizawa Bay, As Ugly As I Am is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com.

The journey this novel has taken me on has been an emotional rollercoaster, but at the same time a very worthwhile ride. I wish I had documented things better, yet if I recall correctly the story was first conceived around 2013. Research involved 2~3 years of interviews, technical study and observation. The writing process was both fun and tortuous and that took a little more than a year to complete. This past year has been spent sending it off to agents and publishers and navigating those rocky waters. It’s been edited and re-edited and still I comb through every sentence making it the best it can be. And now, it is finally time. 

Chizawa Bay will be published Nov. 24th 2020 in e-book and paperback. The book will be available exclusively on Amazon during its launch.

Chizawa Bay is a novel that has taught me a great deal about life, philosophy, psychology and most of all the art of writing. The story may not be for everyone. It’s off-color and blunt in certain moments, but it is pure and honest in its telling. It’s a story where the ugly and the beautiful entwine and hopefully leaves you feeling inspired.

If you’re a Japanophile or just curious about the everyday culture there’s a lot to be gleaned from this novel. It’s a fun and easy read. I really hope you enjoy it.

— Shawn Mahler