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  • Beavers, Dams, & Continuum
    Upon birth a beaver knows everything there is to know. This is not fiction. […]
  • Heather L. Barksdale Interview with Shawn Mahler
    Author Heather L. Barksdale recently posted a review of Chizawa Bay: As Ugly as I Am. And she was also kind enough to put together an interesting interview with me to discuss my approach to writing and the construction of the novel. If you’re curious about how I put Chizawa Bay together please give it a read: […]
  • Heather’s Bookshelf Review of Chizawa Bay
    I reached out to Heather and she was kind enough to read and review my own debut novel, Chizawa Bay. It’s a very honest review and one I’m very proud of having. […]
  • AVO Magazine Review of Chizawa Bay
    Woke up this morning to an amazing review of ‘Chizawa […]
  • Whispering Stories Review of Chizawa Bay
    Reviewer Clive recently wrote up his thoughts on Chizawa Bay and I’m very flattered by his appraisal. Please read the full review and if it piques your interest check out the sample pages on […]